La Pizza Week is just around the corner and Fast Fired has not 1, not 2, but 3 exclusive specials to kick it off! We worked around the clock to bring you the tastiest and out-of-this-world pizza combinations.

Ranging from Indian-inspired to BBQ, these bold flavours are incredible! You don’t want to miss these prime pizzas!

La Pizza Week is the perfect excuse to have pizza all week! No more cooking, no more dishes, no more rushing, just delicious pizzas to try.

Join us May 1st-7th to celebrate what we do best, pizza! Fast Fired Pembina, Roblin, and Corral Centre have each submitted a one-of-a-kind pizza, each one finely tailored to showcase the best (and most unique) flavour combos. We can’t wait to share these amazing pies with you!

Try all 3 of our outstanding creations via dine-in, takeout, or delivery. Once you’ve tried them all, don’t forget to vote for your favourite on!

So, what are our tasty creations? We’re so glad you asked! Get your appetite ready, because you’re about to encounter 3 of the most palatable pizzas in the game. Presenting Fast Fired’s La Pizza Week concepts!


Description: The Swipe Raita is an Indian inspired pizza that loves the outdoors, is down to earth and is big on bright flavours of Red Pepper, Corn, Mint, Cucumber, and Dill. If you don’t like adventures and spicy warm Garlic and Tomato sauce, swipe lefta! Oh, and did I mention it ❤️’s animals, if you’re a dog-dad or mom definitely hit up this vegetarian pizza’s DM! – VOTE HERE!

Price: $14.95 – Order Now


Description: Throw your hands in the a-yer if you’s a true player. This pie has some BIG-flava Dijon-dill Cream Sauce, some BIG-ballin’ Popcorn Chicken, actual Corn, MB classic Honey Dill, and you know it gets that Cheddar…Cheese, Salt, Pepper, and Parsley on top! #notoriouspizzaVOTE HERE!

Price: $14.95 – Order Now


Description: Run away little pizzas or this pizza will eat you up like pac man eats up those little white pellets! This bad-a$$ Smoked & Sauced Food Truck collaboration is made with a BBQ/Tomato Sauce combo, Mozza, Cheddar, boss-level Smoked & Pulled Pork, Homemade Mac & Cheese, and some more full flavour BBQ Sauce – VOTE HERE!

Price: $12.95 – Order Now

Each pizza is packed with flavour and 100% fresh ingredients. Whether you fancy the Pac Mac covered in BBQ and Mac and Cheese or Swipe Raita on our Indian inspired vegetarian pie, there are no bad options! Just ask Big Popcorn, he knows. Every pizza is good pizza, but we’re pretty sure these are the best.

As you can see, we’re playing to win. Try all of our brand new pizzas and don’t forget to vote May 1st-7th! Grab your friends and have a pizza week party to choose your favourite or let the family decide. There’s no wrong way to play it. Get ready for the best week of your life, LA PIZZA WEEK!!!
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