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We are FAST FIRED. Fresh, Authentic, Sustainable, Tailor-made and FIRED just for you. Our menu provides over 1 million fresh topping combinations so every pizza is as unique as our customers. From traditional to plant-based, enjoy YOUR PIZZA, YOUR WAY.

So what does FAST mean to us?


If it’s on our pizzas, it was mindfully grown, delicately cared for and harvested with intention. We wouldn’t settle for anything less. From the hands of our trusted suppliers, into our kitchen. Our ingredients are crisp, fresh and locally sourced. That’s how we show love.



Italy is the birthplace of pizza. That’s why we make regular trips there, arriving with open minds and leaving with the tools of tradition. We’ve mastered the Italian art of house-made, hand-rolled dough—no machine rolling here. Our blistering hot oven chars the perfect pizzeria-style crust. We’re the closest you can get to the real thing without a passport.



Because the art of good cooking relies on the goodness of nature, we take pride in taking care of Mother Earth in return. We aim to source mindfully, use thoughtfully and waste minimally. We’re committed to sustainable practice, so we invite you to join us in our efforts to be kind to our planet by recycling what’s left of your meal when you’re done.



We wanted our menu to be as unique as you are, and the best way to do that is to let you create it. Pick any of our fresh, endless toppings for your custom pizza or salad. Go healthy or go hearty. Just don’t go home hungry. By putting #PizzaLovers in charge, we offer you the chance to dine by design every time.


Join us on this inspirational journey while we redefine FAST food restaurants, one pizza slice at a time. 



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