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We are Fast Fired. We’re all about Fast-casual pizza. But that’s not all. Fast isn’t just in our name. It’s who we are. All our pizzas are fabulously fresh, absolutely authentic, so sustainable, and totally tailored.

We promise to always stay true to our values. That means fresh ingredients from local producers and Italian imports for real-deal authentic flavours. We’re inviting you to join us on this delicious journey to fast-casual pizza. Help us redefine FAST, one slice at a time.

We’d love to tell you a bit more about us and what we stand for. So, let’s dig in with our slice of FAST pizza.


Let’s talk about all things fresh. We believe in fabulously fresh and fast-casual pizza.

Our pizzas are our pride and joy. At Fast Fired, we source an exquisite repertoire of top-notch ingredients. Because fresh ingredients translate to awesome flavours.

All our produce is mindfully grown by passionate, local producers who care for their harvests 100%. At Fast Fired, we always put fresh ingredients first. Crisp, fresh, and locally sourced is our motto. Just as it should be.

By building up strong relationships with trusted suppliers, we guarantee that nothing but the best enters into our kitchen and onto your plate.

Just like every true Italian Nonna out there, that’s how we show love.


Fresh ingredients are super important, but we know that’s not enough. We want to treat our amazing ingredients with the respect they deserve. Because that’s what translates into awesome flavour.

We’re all about authenticity. At Fast Fired we’re not aiming for imitation. We’re aiming for the real deal. We’ve done the research, learned from the best, and mastered the Italian art of house-made, hand-rolled, oven-fired dough.

There’s no machine rolling here. We fire-up blistering hot ovens to char that perfect pizzeria-style crust. We promise you the flavours of Italy right here at home.


At Fast Fired, we stand for sustainability. We are fully committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. And we want our customers to join in too. That could be as simple as recycling what’s left of your meal once you’re done enjoying it. We believe that the art of good cooking relies on the goodness and bounties of nature. By taking care of Mother Earth, she rewards us with nutritious, delicious, flavours. It’s a no-brainer. This is how we do it.

At Fast Fired, we’ve built up strong relationships with local growers and producers. We aim to source all of our ingredients mindfully, use them thoughtfully, and waste them minimally.

We’ve fallen in love with our produce. Well and truly. From every tomato to every olive. So join us as we continue on our journey to sustainability.


We want our Fast Fired menu to be as unique as our customers. We’re giving you free rein to design your dream pizza. Whether your motto is “go wild or go home” or “keep this simple stupid” were handing over creative control.

By providing you with fresh, authentic ingredients your flavour combinations are bound to be a hit. No matter how crazy.

All of our toppings are fresh and delicious, whether they end up on the pizza plate or salad bowl. So go healthy or go hearty – just don’t go home empty-handed.

When it comes to pizza, you’re the boss. #PizzaLovers are finally in charge. Been dreaming of an epic pizza topping but never found a place to make it? No sweat. Whether safe pick-up or pizza delivery, Fast Fired is all about the dine by design experience. Every time.

Do things FAST

It’s time to redefine FAST once and for all. FAST means Freshness, authenticity, sustainability, and tailoring before anything else!

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